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INTEGRATION OF SPORTS Extra curricula activities at the center such as sports and games, art works such as plays, drama and singing perfoming by youth. these integration of sports its an activities pursued in addition to the normal curriculum, in result make the youth proactive
KIWOHEDE YOUTH Beneficiaries at kiwohede learn various leason which makes them to be able to speak for themself. A chance to discover their potential,young girls and boys who are living in difficurt condition and other MVC
CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION(ujana project 2006-2012))  Certificate of appreciation,presented to kiwohede-iringa for service as an


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Tools/facilities of work awarded to youth in Songea,These are among the youth/children who have graduate in 2012 at kiwohede center -Songea in Tanzania Youth Scholars Program implemented by Kiwohede.TYS program provide livelihood opportunities to the Most vulnerable children through vocational training, life skills, internship and job placement.in songea and mbeya region

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Session of reproductive health at ubungo

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KIWOHEDE outreach social worker Mr Warioba Nyamsenda conducting a reproductive health right session to street children at ubungo satellite center as part of KIWOHEDE day-to-day program activities.

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Entrepreneurship Training-Buguruni shule


KIWOHEDE Program officer,Mrs. Eddah Kawala insisting on importance of small business to youth during one of the Entrepreneurship training conducted at Buguruni ward in Ilala municipal. Aim of the training was to provide youth with knowledge and skills on entrepreneurship. In order to improve job placement opportunities

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Mrs. Justa Mwaituka - Director KIWOHEDE

Kiota for Women's Health and Development (KIWOHEDE) is a non- profit health, rights and development advocacy organization for women and Children founded in 1998 by activist health workers. The organization was formally registered in 1999 with a registration number 8581. Since its commencement, KIWOHEDE used social economical and development activities as the organizing principle of its project to serve women, children, youth and the community. KIWOHEDE’s focus and concern has been on vulnerability of children, youth and women on different forms of abuse, sexual violence and exploitations jeopardize their health and dignity.

Based in Buguruni, one of the low-income areas in Dar es Salaam, KIWOHEDE is committed to work with poor communities in Tanzania to promote, children, youth, women's dignity and respect of their rights to lead healthful and non-traumatized life. Up to now KIWOHEDE works in seven regions in Tanzania. The regions ... Read More


KIWOHEDE envisions a society where children, youth and women are free from all forms of abuse, sexual violence and exploitation


KIWOHEDE exists to contribute to the elimination of all forms of abuse, sexual violence, and exploitation through policy and community engagement, reproductive health and institutionalization of prevention, withdrawal, rehabilitation and integration mechanisms for vulnerable and affected children, youth and women.


  • Protection
  • Peace
  • Love
  • Commitment
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Participatory
  • Voluntarism
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