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Computer Lab Attendant propose JD


Computer lab attendant is the front-line of service to vAGYW making use of Sauti Project-supported computer safe spaces. The lab attendant ensures that the lab environment is appropriate for users to complete their computer related tasks.

Proposed duties and responsibilities:   

  • Open and close the computer lab according to the schedule agreed upon
  • Be punctual for duty and keep to their assigned schedule diligently  
  • Switch on the workstations and any other related electronics before opening the computer lab for users.
  • Maintain the arrangement of computers, keyboards, mice and chairs in order at all times of the day
  • Ensure that machines are in working order. Software and hardware problems that cannot be sorted by the lab attendant are to be reported via email to CSO Manager and Sauti Regional IT Officer. The e-mail should contain a description of the problem, what was done to try and solve it, and the current status of the problem
  • Be knowledgeable of Sauti services provided by the CSO and have gone through the offline content on health relevant to vAGYW
  • Show vAGYW the basics of how to operate a computer and access the loaded SRH content
  • Ensure that vAGYW lab users are made aware of their presence and availability to help. Lab attendant is expected to respond promptly and courteously to user needs. Every effort must be made to answer a question or resolve a problem
  • Ensure that all lab users observe rules related to use of computers. Eating, drinking and smoking will be prohibited in the computer lab
  • Ensure that users do not tamper unnecessarily with hardware or software
  • Switch off workstations before closing the computer lab. Chairs should be left in order. Flash-drives, CDs, books and any other materials that users may leave behind are to be deposited at a safe place
  • Most importantly, obligated to provide a safe environment to vAGYW free from coercion, threats, or any unprofessional advances

Skills required

  • Academic background: A minimum of a certificate in a computer-related field and at least 1 year experience continuously working with computers.
  • Technical Skills: Demonstrate the ability to logically solve basic technical issues. Know and can teach the basics of operating computer software and hardware.
  • Customer Service: Respond promptly in a friendly and helpful manner to questions. Demonstrates patience and persistence when helping difficult or emotional vAGYW, as well as those who have little or no computing skills. Maintaining a good attitude when repeatedly answering the same questions to same vAGYW.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Effectively and courteously helps vAGYW with computer and technological issues.
  • Oral Communication: Ability to explain technical issues clearly and concisely.
  • Professionalism: Keep your tone and speech professional.
  • Attendance/Punctuality: Ability to manage time.
  • NOTE :send your cv and education qualifications through toyidadi2@gmail.com and mwamule@gmail.com 
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