Review of Special Resources for Cryptocurrency Traders

To gain an advantage, traders in all financial markets like crypto day trading signals – stock, futures, cryptocurrency – seek additional sources of information that they consider important.COT reports, in-depth fundamental analysis, option levels, agency ratings and forecasts of investment companies, various pattern/volume/news scanners – those means that are used in classic centralised markets.

The cryptocurrency market by virtue of its nature is significantly different from them. But even here, there are sources of additional valuable information for analysis that cannot be drawn from the cluster chart and/or the stock chart. Basically, these sources use the capabilities of blockchain technology, which increases the transparency of the network and thereby helps analysts and traders to make more informed decisions. Great examples of such resources are:

  • BYBT
  • Glassnode
  • Look Into Bitcoin
  • All-Time Bitcoin Price Chart
  • Coinmarketcap


BYBT is a powerful resource with cryptocurrency market metrics. It collects information from leading exchanges and provides it with updates up to once a minute.

Users can track/analyse:

  • Open interest metrics;
  • Purchases/sales of the major cryptocurrency fund Grayscale, as well as some ETF funds;
  • Total balance of buyer and seller positions on different exchanges/coins;
  • Liquidation of long and short positions on different exchanges/coins

BYBT users can also track the positions of top traders.


Glassnode is a Berlin-based agency that analyzes the blockchain network. 

It was created by professional financiers who realised that classical tools are not enough for analysing cryptocurrency markets. Therefore, Glassnode has developed its own metrics of activity in the cryptocurrency markets to provide them to willing analysts. 

Glassnode analytics agency clients can:

  • Set up alerts based on peak metrics values;
  • Training on metrics.

An informative weekly review of markets based on metrics is published on the Insights blog.


Look Into Bitcoin is an open-access website that provides useful tools for people interested in Bitcoin.

The site consists of three main sections:

  1. Education – educational articles that show those new to cryptocurrency investing how to use blockchain valuation tools.
  2. Real-time charts. These use market cycle or blockchain network analysis. They provide simple indications to help determine if BTC is overvalued or undervalued from a historical perspective.
  3. Indicator alerts. Allow investors not to miss critical moments of price cycles on charts.


All-Time Bitcoin Price Chart contains the most complete historical interactive bitcoin price chart. It is updated once a day and is not as informative as the cluster charts from cryptocurrency exchanges in the any other platform. But its noteworthy feature is that it keeps history from the earliest recorded bitcoin price.

The starting point is October 5, 2009. At the time, one coin was worth $0.000764. This first rate was published by New Liberty Standard, the now-defunct bitcoin exchange.

On that day, $1 was worth 1,309.03 BTC. The New Liberty Standard website was not actually an exchange, but simply calculated the value of BTC based on the cost of electricity required for mining. 


Coinmarketcap is the indispensable portal for cryptocurrency traders. Industry Standard. There are metrics/ratings here: 

  • Individual cryptocurrencies (over 10,000 in total, assets sorted by category)
  • Individual exchanges
  • NFT tokens

Investors can create trackers of their portfolios, watch lists of prices, keep track of Airdrop/ICO.



Combining indicators of trading and analytical platforms such as TradingView or Coinigy with additional data in order to better understand the structure of the market, make the most informed decisions and find the best entry points.